Protection and Enforcement of Law Against Insider Trading Crimes in The Indonesian Capital Market

  • Esther Natalia Gani Universitas Pelita Harapan
  • Victor Dragono Universitas Pelita Harapan
Keywords: Legal Protection, Capital Market, Insider Trading


Criminal practices in the capital market are commonly known by the terminology insider trading, a long-standing crime that is not well-known to the public. Insider trading constitutes a legal violation as well as an ethical breach that can pose serious risks to market integrity and harm investors who do not have specific information access. This journal will explore the legal protection and enforcement framework that explains the Indonesian legal framework governing transactions in the capital market in an effort to protect the public from insider trading. Legal protection includes the enforcement of provisions found in laws, regulations, and supervisory mechanisms applied by financial authorities, which is essential to create a fair and efficient market. Therefore, understanding the effectiveness of existing laws and enforcement of rules is crucial to protecting the public from insider trading crimes. This journal is expected to provide knowledge to enhance and develop legal science, particularly related to the analysis of insider trading law enforcement in the capital market in Indonesia. This journal is hoped to provide input and recommendations for authorities and stakeholders involved in providing legal protection to the public for the enforcement of laws in accordance with the provisions of the Indonesian Capital Market Law.


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