Managing a Major Lube Oil Leak on a 150 MW Steam Turbine Power Plant

  • Msy Cahaya Dinda Pamungkas PT DSSP Power Sumsel
  • Chelsi Chelsi PT DSSP Power Sumsel


This paper focuses on the management of a major lube oil leak from bearing box No. 2 at the Sumsel-5 Power Plant. The steam turbine, a super high-pressure has been operational since April 2016. Overhauls in 2019 and 2023 addressed issues such as wear on oil deflectors, abnormal gland sealing clearances, and oil sealing wear. However, oil leakage persisted, necessitating further interventions. Rectification efforts included replacing oil deflectors, adjusting clearance, installing additional venting lines, the addition of a fiber gasket at bearing box No. 2 aimed to reduce and manage oil leakage. These measures resulted in a significant reduction in the oil leakage rate, from approximately 2826 ml/hr to 75 ml/hr during full load operation, representing a decrement of around 97.3%. Additionally, the frequency of lube oil top-ups decreased dramatically, leading to substantial cost savings for the plant. From a safety and environmental perspective, rectification measures mitigated fire hazards and reduced oil wastage, minimizing environmental impact. Regular monitoring of lubrication oil quality further ensures operational reliability. Although complete elimination of the oil leak was not achieved, the turbine continues to operate smoothly under manageable oil leakage conditions.


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